Paprika Chili

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Paprika Chili

Technical guide

Ingredients Paprika powder from organic farming
Origin Spain
Net weight 40 g
Storage / Use In dry, dark place such as a closed cupboard.
Price incl. tax €7.20

Scoville Scale F2. Soft and fruty, accompanies vegetables and cheeses.

Recommendations It is sweet and fruity, always appreciated in vegetables with shellfish but also with cheese.

Olivier Rœllinger's words

As a young boy, I was lucky to have been able to visit Hungary and taste the famous dish of goulash, made fragrant by this coral-hued spice. The introduction of this fiery condiment to central Europe fascinated me. In fact, five different types of paprika exist, with differing levels of strength and aroma. The semi-hot variety is the most common in Europe. Paprika goes well with legumes and shellfish, as well as cheese.