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Olivier Roellinger's natural pepper mill Peugeot

Olivier Roellinger's natural pepper mill Peugeot
Ingredients: Mill 13 cm
The new natural colour of Olivier Roellinger's Pepper Mill for Peugeot. This traditional, wooden Peugeot Pepper Mill has a winch handle, a stainless steel, grinding mechanism, and a concave collecting drawer. Lifetime guarantee. Made in France.

Design Olivier Roellinger x Sylvie Amar Studio for Peugeot.

New in September 2023
In preview in the Epices Roellinger shops (Cancale, Saint-Malo, Paris) and on our website as well as on the Peugeot website.


Everyone knows that pepper should be ground at the last minute to preserve all its volatile aromatic compounds.
  • Origin Manufactured and packaged in France by Peugeot

The words of Olivier Rœllinger

In homage to the vast number of peppercorns in the world, I present my pepper mill. My grandfather kept a Peugeot pepper mill in his kitchen, and I have continued his legacy in my own way so all can enjoy the scent of freshly-ground pepper and the flavors of my favorite peppercorns. Designer Sylvie Amar and I have updated Peugeot’s traditional pepper mill for modern-day use. From the start, I loved how the mill we designed is hand-cranked and still able to grind precise quantities of pepper. 

We added a nautical touch to the pepper mill with a winch mechanism that precisely adjusts the grind size using a handle with a ratchet wheel. 

Several details make this pepper mill special: the convex drawer that keeps ground pepper from collecting in the corners which can be removed to grind pepper directly into a recipe, the comfortable size and shape and work with, and the sliding lid that makes it easy to fill. 

I especially love how this pepper mill lets you switch out peppers easily. It’s a past-meets-present detail that celebrates the savoir-faire that we have respected and enhanced.


This new raw wood color for the pepper mill represents an unprecedented step in the 18-year partnership between Olivier Roellinger and Peugeot. 

The visibility of the wood piece carved from a single block highlights the nuances, the grain geometry, and the knots of the wood. Everything that tells the story of the tree. The silky touch is as soft as a cinnamon stick.

The wooden mill is both robust for everyday use in the kitchen, and elegant on a festive or everyday table. 

Olivier Roellinger takes you on a delicious journey to fantastic flavor with his reinvention of the classic Peugeot peppermill. The traditional crank mechanism and stained wood body make it a precious and ingenious object in any kitchen. 

The meticulous attention to detail make the peppermill a joy to behold and use.