Mullankaima rice

Mullankaima rice

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Technical guide

Ingredients White rice
Origin India
Storage / Use In a dry and dark place, such as a closed cupboard.
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A delicate rice, for milk rice (riz au lait) and fried rice.

Recommendations For a milk rice with vanilla or tonka bean.

The words of Olivier Roellinger

There is nothing better than an excellent rice. For us it is as important as having a good bread.
During our last visit of our producers in India, we met a group of young men passionnate about the traditionnal varieties of rice and their agriculture heritage. We like the sweet and fragrant flavors of these rice.


Mullankaima and Gandhakasala are among the 200 ancient varieties of rice endemic to Kerala. Paddies (name for unhulled standing rice) are cultivated, without pesticides, in the rice fields located down the hills where the pepper and coffee trees flourish. These two rice are harvested and prepared according to ancestral know-how.

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