Olivier Roellinger's chocolate brown pepper mill

Olivier Roellinger's chocolate brown pepper mill
Ingredients: Mill 13 cm
This traditional, wooden Peugeot Pepper Mill has a winch handle, a stainless steel, grinding mechanism, and a concave collecting drawer. Lifetime guarantee. Made in France.

Design Olivier Roellinger x Sylvie Amar Studio for Peugeot.


Everyone knows that pepper should be ground at the last minute to preserve all its volatile aromatic compounds.
  • Origin Manufactured and packaged in France by Peugeot


Olivier Roellinger takes you on a delicious journey to fantastic flavor with his reinvention of the classic Peugeot peppermill. The traditional crank mechanism and stained wood body make it a precious and ingenious object in any kitchen.

The meticulous attention to detail make the peppermill a joy to behold and use.