Malabar Black Pepper MG1

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Malabar Black Pepper MG1
Variant Price incl. tax
Black Malabar pepper MG1 40 g
40 g
Black Malabar MG1 100 g
100 g

Technical guide

Ingredients Malabar Black Pepper MG1, from organic farming
Origin India
Net weight 40 g /100 g
Storage / Use Au sec, à l'abri de la lumière
Price incl. tax €4.90

Fruity, with a long finish. Use to season fish and vegetables.


Malabar Pepper MG1 has a classic peppery fragrance which is the essence of Indian black pepper.

The words of Olivier Roellinger

MG1 is a standard black peppercorn size. For centuries, spice traders have based their selections on the MG1 caliber.
Our MG1 pepper is a gateway pepper to the vast flavor universe of Indian peppers. Its characteristic scent can be found in all the peppercorns grown in Kerala.


Malabar Pepper MG1 (Malabar Garbled Pepper MG1) is a blend of different pepper varieties that grow in Kerala, or Malabar.
The brown-black peppercorns are sorted according to size and caliber. Pepper traders buy entire crops from pepper growers regardless of variety. The traders then sort them according to size.