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Malabar White Pepper

Ingredients: Malabar White Pepper
Refined and nuanced pepper. Use to season fish sauces.
€7.50 50 g


A warm heat without too much bite.
  • Allergens Absent, except for cross-contamination.
    May contain traces of sesame, celery, mustard, soy.
  • Origin India
  • Storage / Use In a cool, dark, dry place.
€150 / kg

Olivier Rœllinger's words

Once ground, Malabar White Pepper has a fine, delicate flavor which is the perfect complement to fish sauces, as well as other cream- and butter-based sauces.
It is not overelly spicy. The whole peppercorns have meaty, leather fragrance notes.
After they are ground, these scents give way to more delicate fragrances and a umami taste.


Malabar White Pepper is obtained from Malabar MG1 garbled peppercorns that are harvested when ripe. The peppercorns are soaked in water and rubbed to removed their outer pericarp before being left to dry in the sun.

White peppercorns were developed in the 19th century at a time when chefs and diners did not want specks of black powder in a sauce.