Pepper from seas

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Pepper from seas

Technical guide

Ingredients Sri Lanka pepper, Phu Quoc pepper, Cambodian white pearls of long pepper, sansho, seaweed from Brittany.
Allergens *
Origin création
Net weight 15g
Storage / Use dry, protected from light
Price incl. tax €7.50

Olivier Rœllinger's words

Hugo formulated this blend of four peppers (Phu Quoc, Sri Lanka, Cambodian white pearls of long pepper, and Japanese sansho pepper) with four varieties of seaweed from Brittany. The oceanic vibrancy of the seaweed is magnified by the powerful kick of the full-bodied peppers. Perfect on seafood, such as oyster, as well as starchy foods such as spelt, bulgur, semolina, quinoa, and Coco de Paimpol beans.