The Spice Chest, a board game for children

The Spice Chest,  a board game for children
Ingredients: • 1 booklet (1 story + 3 game rules + 20 recipes) • 20 Shuffle cards • 50 Quiz cards • 5 Character cards • 90 Spice Tokens • 58 Event cards (including 40 Adventure cards, 4 Talisman cards, 8 Fetish cards, 6 Spice Market cards)
Written only in French

With The Spice Chest, discover 20 spice blends through 3 games, 1 story, and 20 must-try recipes.
Board game for all ages 2 to 5 players aged 7 and over.

Authors: Gaëlle Perret & Mathilde Roellinger
Illustrations: Élodie Balandras
Graphic design / Layout: Mélanie Bodin
Publisher: Poids-Plume éditions

Printed in France: Martins Impressions, Lons (64)
Certified Imprim'vert
ISBN : 978-2-492439-03-2
4th quarter 2022
  • Origin Designed, manufactured and printed in France

The words of Mathilde Rœllinger

It was Gaëlle Perret who encouraged me to create this game. As I wrote the booklet, I thought of my niece and nephew, Colette and Ulysse, as well as the producers’ children, and all the children I have met during our spice workshops in schools.

You can learn and have fun at the same time! Enjoy the game, whatever your age!


The Spice Chest is a gourmet and fun spice journey. Find out how spices are used, test your knowledge, enjoy a story, and try out the spices yourself with a recipe booklet!

You’ll find out what puts the spice in spices: near and far; land and sea; stories and secrets; all with a good helping of adventure. Ready for a trip?