La Rêveuse (The Dreamer)

La Rêveuse (The Dreamer)
Ingredients: Lemon balm, oregano, lemon verbena, basil, lavender, cornflower, from organic farming
Relaxing with soft and floral notes. For the evening.
€7.00 25 g
  • Origin Anaïs‘ Herbal teas, Brittany, France
  • Storage / Use In a cool, dark, dry place.
€280 / kg

The words of Mathilde Rœllinger

Anaïs‘ herbal teas are delicious, well balanced with singular notes matching with the poetic titles. They are only composed with plants and flowers from her own farm. 

We support the project of Anaïs, a young farmer passionate by plants and herbal medicine. 

Few years ago, in the Mont Saint Michel Bay (Brittany), she launched her with determination in the growing of organic aromatic plant and preparing her own mixs for herbal teas at the farm.