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Royal Kombu , Ocean Spices ©

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Origin Saint Malo
Net weight 35 g
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Laminaria Saccharina, grande laminaire brune appelée également fouet de Neptune.

The words of Olivier Roellinger

As children, we used to play with these seaweeds that would be strewn about on the beach after the big August thunderstorms. They smell like the ocean, and symbolise the vibrating power of the sea. Jean-François Arbona gathered these specific ones, then left them to dry naturally before grinding them into powder.
Kombu has both a sweet and iodized taste at once. I always add a touch of Kombu in my soups and vegetable potages. It works like a natural flavour enhancer, without masking any of the other tastes in the dish. The cooking time of beans and lentis can be shortened by adding half a teaspoon of Kombu to the pot.