Grog des îles (Island Hot Toddy mix)

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Grog des îles (Island Hot Toddy mix)

Technical guide

Ingredients Vanilla, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, spices
Origin Création originale
Net weight 100 g
Storage / Use Serve it hot in front of the fireplace on windy nights or iced on the terrace on beautiful summer evenings.
Boil 1/2 litre (2 cups) water, 2 cups cider, 1 tbsp grog mix, a strip of lime zest, a strip of meon zest, a slice of fresh ginger and 2 tbsp cane sugar. Infuse, covered, for 15 mins. Add 1 tbsp rum and a squeeze of lime juice. Filter through a fine strainer.
Keep away from light.
Price incl. tax €24.50

Spice blend for grogs and hot toddies. Combine with cider, rum and orange zest for a seafarer grog.

Olivier Rœllinger's words

In the old days, the men who sailed the South Seas took cider rather than water. In the tropics, they celebrated their arrival with a drink made of cider – at least, what was left of it – rum and spices. Upon their return to Brittany and Normandy, they celebrated again, drinking this grog like a hyphen in the heart to shrink the Atlantic and forget their suffering.