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Technical guide

Ingredients Fennel, from organic farming
Net weight 30 g
Storage / Use Store in a cool, dry place, away from light
Price incl. tax €4.80

Olivier Rœllinger's words

The deliciously light scent of fennel wafts all the way through the “Chemin des douaniers” (“Customs walking path”) and the beaches in Brittany. As with aniseed sweets, people of all ages savour the air along the length of the path as well as the return walk from the beach. At the end of August and in the beginning of September, stems can be cut and left upside down in order to harvest the grains. I use fennel in a large number of my spice mixes for seafood, but I also love adding just a few seeds into a salad, and sometimes even just crunching one or two of the grains at the end of a meal.

Botanical notes

Foeniculum. Member of the Apiaceae plant group, this large perennial herb comes from the area surrounding the Mediterranean, stretching up through Madère and Brittany to Cornouaille. The oblong seeds range in colour from green to deep yellow, and are lighter along the notched edges.


I use it in many of my spice mixes for seafood but I like to spinkle a few seeds in a salad or even chew one or two seeds at the end of the meal.