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Epices-Roellinger.com N°2

Epices-Roellinger.com N°2
Epices-Roellinger.com n°2 cookbook, with 35 recipes.
Format 11 cm x 15,5 cm
112 pages (Written in French)

The content is about recipes concerning the following products :
- Poudre du Voyage (Voyage)
- Poudre Névis (Nevis)
- Poudre Curry Corsaire® (Corsair curry powder)
- Poudre Défendue ® (Forbidden blend)
- Poudre Serenissima® (Serinissima)
- Fleur de Brume
- Huile et piment Niora (Nora chile infused oil)


Epices-Roellinger.com No. 2 is a collection of 35 easy, original recipes developed by Emmanuel Tessier and Olivier Roellinger to help home cooks use our spice blends in everyday cooking. 

The travel journal format with drawings and sketches by Pascal Tessier will encourage you to play around in the kitchen with our spice blends. 

Emmanuel Tessier explains the purpose of this cookbook. "I’ve compiled the best recipes from my cooking classes at La Cuisine Corsaire in this slim cookbook illustrated by my brother."

The Epices Roellinger volumes are small, easy-to-carry cookbooks filled with the healthful, flavorful recipes developed for La Cuisine Corsaire cooking school.

The cookbooks in our ‘Carnets’ collection will also show you how to use Olivier Roellinger’s signature spice blends to enhance the flavors of simple ingredients. These blends are designed to highlight delicate tastes, temper pungency, and elevate the various flavors in a given dish.