Rose Water

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Rose Water

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Technical guide

Ingredients Rose Water
Origin Morocco
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A delicate rosewater to use in desserts and herbal infusions.

Recommendations Use to season creamy desserts (flans, panna cottas, cheesecakes), fruits (fruit salad, fruit syrup, coulis, fruit jellies), and marshmallows. Stir into warm milk. A few drops of rosewater steeped in a cup of hot water make a lovely beverage to cap off the evening.


Roses are a flower-spice that have been used in both desserts (rose jelly, rose elixir, rose syrup) and savory dishes since the Middle Ages. They add a unique, floral bitterness to recipes.

We include powdered rose petals in the Ras El Hanout spice blend we developed with Fatema Hal. A rosebud included in our Poudre des Bulgares ( Bulgarian Blend) packaging adds a fragrant finishing touch to yogurt that's seasoned with the blend. Roses are also one of the flowers used in our ‘For the Long Haul’ and ‘Summer’s End’ herbal infusions.

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