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Doigts Celtiques ( Celtic Fingers)

Doigts Celtiques  ( Celtic Fingers)
Ingredients: Bamboo chopsticks. 29 cm
Unique chopsticks fashioned in Brittany and chosen by Hugo Roellinger to embellish your art de la table


Hand wash only.
  • Origin Manufactured in France, Brittany.

The words of Olivier Rœllinger

"After an enlightening trip to Japan, I envisioned ways to enjoy dishes with the precision chopsticks, which allow you to enjoy a dish without crushing or mixing it up. At Le Coquillage restaurant, these Celtic Fingers are set out for diners to use throughout the tasting menu." Hugo Roellinger


Celtic Fingers are a kind of travel souvenir from a trip the Roellinger family took to Japan. After two weeks of using only chopsticks in the Land of the Rising Sun, it felt almost barbaric to eat a subtle dish garnished with fresh flowers using forks !

That was when Hugo Roellinger conceived the idea for his ‘Celtic Fingers.’ Shortly thereafter, he reached out to Jérémy Collot, who had designed special chopsticks for his wife who had a hard time eating with the Asian utensils.