Spices spoon

Spices spoon
Ingredients: Spoon stainless steel 10/18 . 15cm
Design Sylvie Amar Studio x Olivier Roellinger 2015
The indispensible Roellinger Spice Spoon, specially designed to use with our spice jars.


Keep on hand at all times in the kitchen.
When measuring spices : 1 Roellinger Spice Spoon = 1 teaspoon
3 Roellinger Spice Spoons = 1 tablespoon.
  • Origin Germany

Olivier Rœllinger's words

I had always dreamed of a kitchen spoon that would let me measure exact quantities of spices for a given recipe and would also fit into the spice jars I use.

The designer Sylvie Amar helped make that dream a reality with a spoon that’s shaped like a sailor’s pipe. The long, graceful handle makes it a pleasure to use when measuring spices. The handle can also be used to scrape seeds from a vanilla pod when turned the other way.

The spoon bowl’s depth keeps spices from getting packed down and ensures precision: 1 Roellinger Spice Spoon = 1 teaspoon, 3 Roellinger Spice Spoons = 1 tablespoon.
Once you have used one of these spoons in the kitchen, It’s hard to cook without it!