Ceramic Cup for Infusing Spices

Ceramic Cup for Infusing Spices
Ingredients: Ceramic cup, unique, handcrafted (18cl).

Epices Roellinger x Moana Céramiques
These unique exquisite ceramic cups have been specially designed for our spice infusions. Each cup is unique and handcrafted.

Epices Roellinger x Moana Céramiques .
€30.00 18 cl


A spice infusions must be shared !
  • Origin Moana Céramiques, France, Cancale

The words of Mathilde Rœllinger

We collaborated with Moana to come up with what I think is the perfect cup for our spice infusions. Sophisticated cups for fine teas and coffees already exist, but I had never found the cup that was the perfect size or shape for spice infusions. Cozy mugs were too big and designed for sipping alone. We focused on creating a cup with a comfortable heft that can be held in both hands to warm them, a cup that can be used for serving a pot of tea among friends and family. The cup's gently flared shape helps release the infusion's fragrant aromas release gradually as you sip.

All the cups are handmade and signed by Moana. Each is a one-of-a-kind creation with its own shape and personality. Take the time to choose the one speaks to you.


Moana is a ceramist in Cancale who uses immaculately white clay to fashion graceful everyday objects: small teacups, bud vases, vases, bowls, plates, and spoons. Her studio in a former windmill is much like her white ceramic creations : minimalist, like the shapes she uses, full of light from wide windows that open onto the horizon, and rustic with its granite fireplace.