Mexico Ancho Rojo (powder)

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Mexico Ancho Rojo (powder)

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Technical guide

Net weight 20 g
Storage / Use In a dry, dark ploace such as a closed cupboard, ideally at 18°C.
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(échelle de scoville F4)

Olivier Rœllinger's words

A Mexican chili pepper with a magnificent colour and a sweet, fruity taste, with notes of dates and raisins. Ancho Rojo chili can be used with vegetables, pasta or rice. For those who are afraid of chili, I suggest using the Ancho Roco to get back onto good terms with this spice, which has for too long been associated with the devil.


Christopher Columbus was the first to bring this devilish spice back to his queen, Isabel the Catholic of Castile. Transported east by Magellan´s expedition, chili peppers had much more success in Asia than in Europe. So much in fact, that until the nineteenth century, it was widely held that chili originally came from the East Indies, and even today many people still think that capsicum is originally from India. Although the different species all come from Central America, there are now hundreds of cultivars. These can be found throughout the world and chili peppers have become a staple of the cuisines of hot countries, from Cayenne in French Guyana and Mexico, to southern China, Africa and the Caribbean.