When I was cooking at the Relais Gourmand ***, I liked to season my cuisine with subtle spicy notes, and what I enjoyed the most was adding a dash of fragrant oil on seafood… So we let the aromatic blends marinate and infuse in the oil, to later use to lightly brighten a fish. When I created Epices Roellinger, I wanted to develop these fragrant oils and offer them to the food lovers looking for delicate and tasty sensations. These oils allow you to create surprising, delicate and elegant creations. Then I started working on chutneys, which come from the alliance between the ancient Indian cuisine and the British taste for sweet condiments.

As always, I wanted to create links between Brittany and the distant lands and thus created a Celtic vinegar that can be traced back to the druid era and the arrival of the apple in Brittany. I paired the sweetness and acid of the candied apple with the astringent taste of the vinegar to reveal the savoury flavours. At home, I add a few drops in my vinaigrettes or with a chicory salad. I also appreciate it with a fish or lemon marinated scallops. In any case, it is an essential ingredient to happiness in life in Brittany, between sky and sea.