For years, I have been selecting the best spices in the world, in addition to using the highest quality herbs, seeds, leaves, flowers, pieces of bark, roots, and natural vegetal aromas from Brittany and from the different regions of France, in my cuisine. These are the spices of France.

By definition, spices are seeds, leaves, roots, berries, or pieces of bark that grow in far away places—sometimes very far away places. For the small-scale producers I work with in India, in Sri Lanka, in Cambodia, in Madagascar, or in Mexico, the herbs grown in France are spices. Cinnamon leaves, for example, just like bay leaves, are from the same laurel (Lauraceae) family.

What never cease to impress me are the work, the practical knowledge, and the enthusiasm of young producers of thyme, rosemary, savory, fennel, verbena, and other herbs, buds, and saffron. It is because of them that we can now provide the best "Epices de France", or "French Spices"—the majority of which are organic. The herbs are hand-harvested in the "garrigue" heaths by people who are both friendly and passionate about what they do.

Our French Spices are all cultivated, harvested, and dried with care. After all, we owe the liveliness of our countrysides to the men and women who produce them. And with that, we are proud to provide you with the year's best harvest.