I like to mix herbs and spices to tell stories about faraway adventures. The infusions I imagined will make you travel, will tell stories of wonderful landscapes, will combine complex flavours. They have great virtues and can be consumed without moderation at every hour of the day or night.

One day, the Mont Saint Michel Abbey’s supervisor asked me to imagine a cake to be enjoyed at the top of the abbey, after the climb during the “soirées Imaginaires”… I was brought back to the taste of the herbs the monks used to grow and give to the pilgrims and the flavour of the spices the crusaders brought back from the East. I imagined these two worlds meeting, the Arabs, the crusaders and the Mont Saint Michel monks, I imagined an infusion blending the monks’ herbs and the first spices brought back by the crusaders. “Songe de nuit” was born.

In 1992 I created OR using the aromatherapy principles, the first infusion of a beautiful collection. I always have it with me to find serenity. Recently, I created Fleur de Lune, which can be sipped all day long with its happy fragrance and ruby colour… My infusions can be consumed hot at the end of the meal or cold, as a refreshment. They become a daily emotion, an emotion of joy.