For many years, I have made a point to discover and pass on moves and recipes in books that I hope are interesting. I try to be coherent in this discovery of the universe of spices and my cuisine by developing tools to accompany you in your daily tasks: a spice spoon to dose your spices, a pepper mill to grind the precious pepper corns fresh, a knife for oysters and shellfishes…

Books have also evolved a lot these last years, going from a biographic vision to the desire to pass on knowledge. Each book draws itineraries, evokes imagination, tells about spices, expresses my very personal spices powders creations, and translates all of this in recipes from my gastronomic restaurant, now closed, or from my researches.

I also wanted to talk to kids, to those who do not want complicated recipes, to those who prefer adventure… on film! I am insatiable for travel, always looking for my next adventure at sea or in the kitchen, so I am very prolific with the authors, writers and photographs, as much as they want me to… They all wanted to pass on this passion that unites us and I thank them from the bottom of my heart, Colette Gouvion, Anne Testut and Alain Willaume, Christian Lejalé and Paul Lacoste of course! Of course, I thank my former second Emmanuel Tessier, who now runs the cooking school Cuisine Corsaire and produces recipe books about my spicy creations.