I imagined these sets as an invitation to adventure and culinary travels, which will bring happiness to your table! To allow everyone to discover new flavours then learn how to cook with them and master them and then magnify the cuisine in a healthy and gourmand way. They each contain four to six products and tell a story.

The essentials are the spice blends that I always have with me and that I can not cook without. These six powders are steps in my life as a chef. With them, everything changes, they enrich the cooking moments and all food families. They allow you to mix things up and take you away…

The Classics includes blends that allowed me to create my most beautiful dishes and the possibilities they offer are infinite… World cuisine or traditional, I can not cook without them and when I smell them, my imagination goes to faraway imaginary places! The set “Four great peppers” allows you to discover the different flavours and uses of peppers. “Spices and desserts” will help you understand the possible relationship between sweets, chocolate covered fruits and spices… The “Soup powders” set is made of four blends that I have created along the years to make the winter vegetables sing, potatoes and beans, soups and stocks. A soup is good for your health, but also for your mood! Soups are a good excuse to invent and play with vegetables and spices!

I often create new spices sets for holidays, I have fun putting these together and making them affordable so that everybody can have access to this magnificent and generous imagination source but also so that people can change the way they eat to always more pleasure, well-being and… health!