Jeanne Barret (1740 - 1807), an adventurer at the time of the Enlightenment

Jeanne Barret (1740 - 1807), an adventurer at the time of the Enlightenment

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Jeanne Barret (1740 - 1807), was an adventurer at the time of the Enlightenment. The gif set contains :
- 'Poudre des Vertus' (Powder of Properties) 35 g
- 'Poudre de Neptune' (Neptune Powder) 40 g
- 'Poudre du Vent' (Wind Powder) 40 g
- 'Poivre La Luna' (La Luna Pepper) 40 g

The words of Olivier Roellinger

We imagined this gift set for the winter and Christmas.
‘Poudre des Vertus’:
Poudre des Vertus was created to enhance and facilitate the use of turmeric in everyday cooking. It is characterized by a fruity sweetness of turmeric, accompanied by a hint of pepper, fennel and seaweed. To flavor soups, vegetables, detox juices and sauces.

‘Poudre de Neptune’ :
Both aniseed and iodized, Poudre de Neptune is ideal on white fish and shellfish or flavor a sauce.

‘Poudre du Vent’:
"This blend is a memory of a storm in Kerala,. It has the scent of the Indian monsoon with notes of eucalyptus and cardamom." The sweetness of a spice wind is perfect to season squab, duck, poultry or pasta with cream.

‘Poivre La Luna’ :
"This blend brings together three of the most beautiful jewels of this island that I love so much; a mix of our black pepper, cocoa nibs and Madagascar vanilla”. ‘Poivre La Luna’ was created in 2005 initially for scallops, but it is excellent also associated with roasted or poached fruits such as pineapple or bananas, and also with foie gras or game.


Jeanne Barret (1740 – 1807) is the first European woman to have completed a complete round the world sailing. Born in Burgundy in 1740, Jeanne works as a governess for the scientist and botanist Philibert Commerson (1727-1773) who is widowed. Jeanne is passionate about the study of plants and becomes the botanist's help of the scientist.

Missioned by Louis XV to discover new lands, Louis-Antoine de Bougainville (1729-1811) choses this renowned naturalist for his expedition around the world. Jeanne desires to embark at all costs. She is 26 years old. A royal edict forbade every woman aboard the king's vessels. Disguised as a man, Jeanne pretends to be Commerson's valet.

Leaving Brittany in 1767, the vessels ‘La Boudeuse’ and ‘Etoile’ cross the Atlantic and dock the coasts of Brazil, Uruguay and the Falkland Islands. After a halt in Patagonia, they cross the Strait of Magellan and rush into the unknown of the Pacific Ocean. At each stop and relentlessly, Jeanne and Commerson harvest, gather, sort, botanise and inventory the plants in difficult living conditions on board.

In April 1768, while Bougainville discovered a new paradise earth, the island of Tahiti, it seems that Jeanne is unmasked by the inhabitants. After a trip through the Vanuatu Islands and Papua New Guinea, the two lovers are landed in Mauritius.

For five years, alongside Commerson, Jeanne conducts research on the flora and fauna present in Mauritius and Reunion. They are amazed by the botanical wealth of the gardens and forests of Madagascar. With Pierre Poivre (1719-1786), Jeanne and Commerson participate in the creation of the magnificent Jardin des Pamplemousses. Meanwhile, Bougainville, whose expedition returned to the port of Saint-Malo, publishes his journal “Voyage autour du monde” (1771).

Commerson dies of exhaustion. Jeanne finds herself alone in Mauritius and opens a cabaret to survive. She takes care to send to the King of France the 32 boxes that contain all the leaves, seeds and flowers the two botanists picked during their stopovers. Married with an officer, Jeanne returns to France, thus completing her world tour. Years later, she received from King Louis XVI a pension rewarding her courage for having shared the work and perils of Commerson.

Commerson gives the name of his beloved to a shrub he meets at Madagascar, this island where, according to him, "nature seems to have withdrawn as in a special sanctuary ".