Four peppers from four countries ('Coffret Poivres de 4 pays')

Four peppers from four countries ('Coffret Poivres de 4 pays')

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Four peppers from four different countries are reunified in this gift set :
- Black Karimunda Pepper ( India) 40 g
- White Pepper ( Sri Lanka) 40 g
- Red Kampot Pepper (Cambodia) 40 g
- Timut Pepper ( Nepal) 20 g

The words of Olivier Roellinger

We have a special affection for Karimunda Indian black pepper. This great pepper is a botanical variety endemic to Kerala. With notes of mango, it is aromatic with a certain roundness.

White pepper from Sri Lanka is powerful without being pungent. This pepper is picked at advanced maturity to remove the wrinkled bark of pepper, leaving a perfectly round and smooth grain.

In Cambodia, the star pepper is the red pepper which is a pepper also picked at full maturity, when the grain is bright red. This rare grain is dried in the shade to retain its red color. With a nose of caramel and vanilla, this Cambodian pepper is suitable for desserts but also salads and vegetables.

The Timut is a “pepper cousin” . Unlike the other three peppers that belong to the Piper nigrum family, Timut pepper is from the Xanthoxylum armatum family. Timut pepper has fragrances of grapefruit. A mill tour of this pepper, or some grains crushed with mortar just before serving, brings an incomparable freshness to your preparations of shellfish, fish, poultry but also vegetables.