Ceylan Cinnamon C5, Spécial alba

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Ceylan Cinnamon C5,  Spécial alba

Technical guide

Ingredients Cinnamom Alba C5 sticks, from organic farming
Origin Sri Lanka
Net weight 40 g
Storage / Use Store in a cool, dry place and protect from exposure to light.
Price incl. tax €6.90

The rarest and highest quality cinnamon in the world. Both delicate and elegant, it is composed of just single one layer of bark.

Olivier Rœllinger's words

Ceylon cinnamon contains Cinamic acid, which gives it a flavour that is both deep and refined. True cinnamon has a very characteristic taste, which is pleasant, warm and intense. I use it in the majority of my spice blends. Cinnamon offers a harmonious note to fruit, particularly citrus fruit. Yet it is at its finest when paired with chocolate.


Like Pétrus and Yquem wines, this little stick of Alba is quite likely the best cinnamon that the world has to offer. It comes from very young, fine bark that teems with fresh-flowing sap. The quill rolls up in the sun from one single shaving, despite that for even the highest grade of C5 cinnamon the producers are allowed to assimilate several layers together to make the sticks.