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Huile et Piment "De Arbol"

Intense and fragant, for salads and pizzas.

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- Ingredients : Grapeseed oil, De Arbol chili peppers.
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Scoville scale: F8

This strong pepper makes a blazing hot oil, perfect for spicing up bland and monotonous dishes.
Les mots d'Olivier Roellinger
Unexpected flavours, from the mildest of peppers to those that could be the breath of the Devil himself, are presented in this collection of spiced oils. Add just a few drops to your dishes before serving, in much the same way as you would use freshly ground pepper.
Those spiced oils available in every corner pizzeria just didn't do it for me anymore-so I thought up this oil whilst enjoying my weekly pizza.
La cuisine / les recettes
Away from light, in the refrigerator after opening.
A few drops-just two to start with-are enough to brighten up a rice salad, potatoes, warm pasta, or a pizza straight out of the oven.
Ours recipes
- Gaspacho with De Arbol chili pepper.