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Poudre Curry Madras by Beena
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Powerful and spicy

Informations Techniques
- Ingredients : Coriander, mustard, black pepper, turmeric, spices (no artificial colorings)
- Net weight : 40 g
Les mots d'Olivier Roellinger
Beena Paradin and I are delighted to introduce you to the great traditional mixes of indian cuisine. All the spices we'll use here come from the Wayanad hillsides, after which we have worked together in Cancale to refine the way they are composed, roasted and ground. The receipes shared by Beena will bring us that much closer to the gourmet magic of India, especially since she'll be letting us in on some of her family's best-kept secrets from Kerala.
For a powerful and spicy curry, look no further than the Madras. Turmeric, coriander, and hot pepper-based, this mix will liven up meat, vegetable and fish dishes alike.
La cuisine / les recettes
In a dry, dark place such as a closed cupboard, ideally at 18°C
Ours recipes
- Madras curry chicken
- Seasonal vegetable and coconut milk curry