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Wakamé "Epices Océanes"
ideal as a salt substitute

Informations Techniques
- Ingredients : Wakamé Seaweed blend
- Net weight : 40 g
Undaria Pinnatifida from Saint-Malo.
Notes botaniques
Undaria pinnatifida

Les mots d'Olivier Roellinger
One of my childhood friends, Jean-François, is the best kelp producer in Brittany. He has managed to produce this Japanese species on ropes out in the sea. Japanese experts have deemed it to be of significant quality. Harvested in spring and in autumn, the seaweed is carefully dried in the wind and then ground. It remains pure.

Helps reduce salt consumption. Provides the taste of salt while only containing minimum amounts of sodium chloride. Rich in calcium, vitamin C, iron, and B vitamins, particularly vitamin B12.
La cuisine / les recettes
The salty, ocean-like flavour of wakame evokes oysters. I often use it as a replacement for table salt, which is consumed far too often.