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"Bask in the timeless stillness of the Mont Saint-Michel Bay"

From the 18th of March to the 18th of April 2013: 295 Euros for two
Our fishermens' boats are set out to sea in the first sunny days of the year, whilst the walking paths along the cliffs are overrun with young grasses.
In the hills above the Bay of Cancale, spring bursts forth.

It includes a night for two at "Les Rimains", the little cottage, or in the "Château Richeux", with breakfast and then dinner ("Le Grand Choix de La Baie" menu, drinks not included) at the restaurant, "Le Coquillage".

A complimentary chauffeur is available to drive you to and from the restaurant.

For more information and to confirm the availability of your preferred dates, please contact us at (0033) 299.896.476.