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Sun Blossom
9,40 € TTC
Compliments fish, vegetables and carpaccio.

Informations Techniques
- Ingredients : French sea salt from Guerande, Yuzu powder, ginger, spices.
- Net weight : 60 g
I like to think of this selection as being like the sunrise: direct, abundantly joyous, and powerful like a hope. Specially harvested for us by Lionel, our salt grower in Guérande, this fleur de sel is the fruit of the Eastern winds and the summer sun. Here, it takes on an upbeat hint of citrus fruit.
Les mots d'Olivier Roellinger
A few grains of this sunny powder go perfectly with fish carpaccios, scallops, beef or vegetables, and even on fruit such as pineapple. Yet just the other day I sprinkled a smidgeon onto a tomato salad, and it struck a chord...
La cuisine / les recettes
In a dry, dark place such as a closed cupboard, ideally at 18°C.
For fish carpaccios, meat, vegetables, and fruit.
Ours recipes
- Monkfish carpaccio, Sun Blossom and Citrus Oil